Be the first: cycling and deservedly enjoying by the sea

Be the first: cycling and deservedly enjoying by the sea

Do you remember the triumphant feeling of fatigue, which awakens the desire for pleasant refreshment? When you come to the top of the challenge and you wish to stop time while you gather new strength for the next step? Pamper your well-being - calmly and slowly.

Where to go on a bike tour?

To select a proper place for resting can be a real art. During summer vacation there is too many people, but if we are at home, we can't turn off the technology to have some peace and quiet time. Time for the family and time for yourself at the same time are the ideal combination. And if you put all of this in a pleasant environment with the smell of the sea, where you can also pamper your taste buds, and where nature is the only feast for the eyes, then you know that you have selected something just for yourself. Camping holidays in mobile homes are available already during holidays in May. Luxury equipment of the home takes care for the comfort, so that we can devote our energy to the realization of our wishes. The surrounding area of mobile home offers privacy for enjoying vacation in peace, with family.

Let`s go in nature!

Seaside resorts in the pre-season time are one step ahead in everything. The sea in its freshness, inviting the braves, the awakening of the camp invites the premiere enjoyment in its offers, serenity in the air allows you to collect energy for what you really want to do. Surrounded by loved ones, you can choose from biking by the sea, walking in nature, hiking to the nearby peaks or playing card games and reading books. The nature around us gives us a number of possibilities.

The most valuable treasures of all

Our youngest will be riding a bike and waving their new camping buddies, with whom they will be running around carefree, shared sea treasures and first ice cream. From the terraces of the mobile homes we will have a better view over the playing children and a feeling of greater security because of the smaller crowds. The sea air will blow on health and chase any winter colds, which held up for too long. So biking on seaside in the camp with curly head on the trunk (or in front of) will be the adventures family experience.

Be rested

Holiday in May can be also a preparation for summer vacation. And if we give ourselves the opportunity to relax on cycling or running adventures with the sea scent (already) in the month of May, we could enter the summer with new adrenaline wishes and not only with the tendency to be resting on the beach. Family time will be even more pleasant, full of ideas and challenges.

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