General conditions and instructions on tourist itinerary (agency)

General terms and conditions are an integral part of all our itineraries and are put as an appendix to our catalogues and price lists. The passenger, by signing the contract, enters into a legal obligation and agrees with the aforementioned general terms and conditions.

Travel registrations are accepted by Adria Holidays agencies and all authorised agencies in sense of terms within the travel program. Within the application, the agency and the passenger sign a registration. The passenger fills out the registration form, which is also the reservation confirmation. The form also includes information on passengers’ travel arrangements, or states the program in which the arrangements are presented. Within the registration, the passenger should present all the information and documents which are required by the specific program, and pay the registration fee in the amount of 30% of the whole itinerary, and also the cost of reservation in the amount of 10 EUR per voucher, or 15 EUR in the case of customised itineraries. In case of payment by instalment with cheques or like means of payment, the reservation fee is augmented by the cost of processing the payment (more information at our office desk). If the participant in the itinerary was entered by a legal person, this can also be by the order form, fax message, or e-mail, but it must be confirmed from our side, and the cost of the reservation is the same as with private person.
If you have not found a desired destination within our catalogue, we will be more than happy to provide the reservation upon your request. This will require a deposit in the amount of 20 EUR (for reservations of 10 days prior to the departure, the amount is 30% of the assumed itinerary value) as a deposit for reservation fulfilment. In case of your confirming, the amount is included within the final payment. If the confirmation is not made, then the sum is considered a minimum cost for making the reservation and is non-refundable. Each change in the already-confirmed itinerary is subject to fee (surcharge) of 15 EUR.

The amount of 30% of the total itinerary price has to be paid at registration. The remaining amount has to be cleared 4 weeks prior to the departure – at the latest. The payment can be subject to special benefits which must be in a separate contract in which they are clearly stated.

The price of the itinerary is set and stated within the program and calculated on the day of the announcement. Prices are in EUR, calculated from the valid selling exchange rate given by the NOVA LJUBLJANSKA BANKA d.d. Ljubljana (SLO) for foreign exchange for the companies. The organiser may instruct the passenger to pay services directly to the service providers abroad in the way stated within the itinerary. In such cases, the passenger shall lodge his claims directly with the service provider abroad. The agency reserves the right to price changes in case of changes in the exchange rate or transport cost, or if a smaller number of passengers than anticipated arrives, according to the statements within the itinerary. Price increases can be given in writing, or orally. The passengers’ consent is not necessary for a price increase of up to 10%. If the increase is greater then 10%, then the passenger has the right to break the contract without penalty. We also reserve the right to change the prices and information published in the price list resulting in a higher price, a different date, or owing to printing mistakes.

If not stated otherwise in the itinerary, the price includes transport, hotel and accomodation services stated within the itinerary, and organisation of the travel.
If not stated otherwise in the itinerary, the price of a single itinerary is valid for one adult person lodged in the two- or three-bed room.

If the passenger or a legal representative makes a cancellation of the travel, which is done at the place of registering and in written form, then the agency has the right to the cost reimbursement in the amount of:

up to 30 days before departure, 7% of the itinerary price (administrative cost);
29 to 22 days before departure, 20% of the itinerary price;
21 to 15 days before departure, 30% of the itinerary price;
14 to 10 days before departure, 50% of the itinerary price;
9 to 1 days before departure, 100% of the itinerary price;
up to 24 hours before departure and after departure, 100% of the itinerary price.

The passenger can pay a cancellation fee at the agency at the time of reservation of the itinerary. It is valid in case of illness, death, or accident of the passenger him or herself or his or her immediate family (parents, children, spouse), or because of army draft. The cancellation fee is set annually at 5% of the itinerary price. Passanger must inform the agency immediately, or at the latest 24 hours upon a cancellation justification appearing. When the reason for cancellation is related to the health of the passenger or his or her immediate family, then written medical testimony with the following information must be presented to the agency:

date of medical status change;
short description of medical insurance, with disabled travel abilities;
therapy type;
information on the medical leave coincides with the health deterioration.

Regardless of the cancellation fee being settled, the organiser has the right, in case of the cancellation made by the passenger, to the administrative cost or cost of reservation reimbursement.
It may be decided within the itinerary that a different amount of cancellation fee is payable, or that the cancellation fee is not applicable.
If the passenger has not started the travel on the agreed date, or has not cancelled the travel within the 24 hours at the agency (within its working hours!), then said passenger has no right to claim cancellation fee benefits.
At the cancellation risk claim, the passenger has a 10% share of the itinerary price (the passenger is thus reimbursed for the 90% of the itinerary price).

The agency has an obligation to ensure that the services are carried out with the care of a good manager, and to take care of the rights and interests of a guest in accordance with the good tradition of business and tourism. This applies to own services as well for the services provided by third parties (hotels, tours, transport, etc.).

The organiser may cancel the travel in case of insufficient number of passengers (minimum number is stated within the itinerary), administrative actions or force majeure. The agency will inform the passenger within 5 days prior to the departure, at the latest. In case of the above-mentioned reasons, the organiser is not obliged to pay damage claims, and has the right to itinerary changes if the circumstances demand it. The agency cannot be held responsible for any change of itinerary as a result of force majeure during the itinerary. In such a case, the agency can asure the service in accordance to the best of its abilities in the changed form. We reserve the right, in the case of an insufficient number of Slovene-speaking passengers, replace Slovene-speaking local representatives with a Croatian-, German- or English-speaking one. This is subject to notice before departure.

In case the itinerary has been cancelled from the agency’s side, the passenger cannot claim refunds for visa or vaccination costs. The organiser may change the place of accommodation even on-site, but with adequate or higher category accommodations and at its own cost. The agency cannot be held responsible for changes in flight schedule (regular and charter flights) which may occur even up to the departure. We reserve the right to change air or sea transport companies, as well as the airport or port, any delays or other changes being exclusively the responsibility of the air- or sea-travel providers. If a neighbouring airport is to be used (Zagreb, Celovec, Trst, Gradec), then transfer from Ljubljana at the organiser’s cost is provided.

Oral information as may be presented at the agency’s desk does not bind the organiser as the written information included within the travel offer or itinerary does.

In case of complete non-fulfilment of the contractual obligations from the agency, the passenger may claim damages in written form:

the passenger must make a complaint immediately on site with the organiser’s representative, or in his absence with the service provider or on the way, which can be later seen in the documentation of the travel and can be used as evidence of such a complaint;
if it is not possible to resolve the complaint, then the passenger and the representative make a written statement;
the written complaint must be delivered at the desk of the agency not later then 8 days upon arrival and itinerary conclusion. Also, the evidence of any possible additional cost arriving from the same reasons must be presented with invoices;
the organiser is obliged to make a written response to the complaint within 30 days of its receipt, or, if the passenger failed to submit all necessary documents, in the allotted time to acquire the documents;
until such a written response is given by the organiser, the passenger renounces his right to involve any third party or judicial institution, or to give information to public media. Maximum reimbursement upon complaint may reach the price of the itinerary, but not exceed it.

Passports, visas and other documents needed for any travel are the responsibility of each passenger and, therefore, the organiser is not responsible in any way for possible interruptions or termination of itinerary due to improper documents. The passenger is obliged to pay the full cost of the itinerary as if the passenger were present.

The passenger abroad is obliged to obey the rules and regulations of the foreign currency control and customs. If due to a violation of such regulations the passenger is unable to proceed with the travel, all the costs are to be borne by him.

The passenger travelling to the country for which it is obligatory to receive vaccination by the rules of the WHO must provide the documentary proof of vaccination (‘yellow booklet’). The passenger is granted health insurance at home as well as abroad in the extent and in the way which is prescribed within the regulations of the Health Insurance Authority from the area where the passenger has regular health insurance. Within the countries which are not members of the international convention on health insurance, the passenger is solely responsible for the cost of any medical treatments, medications, or other products deriving from a medical condition.

Up to the weight set by the transport provider, the luggage transport is free of charge. The agency is not liable for any luggage lost, damaged, or stolen. Any such claims should be addressed, along with proper documentation, directly to the transport provider or hotel manager dealing with your claims.

All disputes are to be settled at the district court of Novo mesto.
At Novo mesto, 2008, by Tourist agency Adria Holidays.

Owing to the extent of the catalogue and price list, we apologize for any possible misprints. We reserve the right to correct any textual mistakes, dates, and prices of the itineraries.