FAQ – Mobile homes

1 What is included in the rental price?

These rental prices apply to one mobile home in specific rental period, depending on the season, but not on the number of people in a mobile home (if the number does not exceed the maximum). The price includes basic home equipment, an air conditioning and a parking space for one vehicle in the vicinity of the mobile home. In any case, a final cleaning, a tourist tax and a registration fee have to be paid in the camp.

2 Why is it necessary to lodge a security deposit?

All our mobile homes are insured. Refundable deposit is required to cover intentional damage caused in the mobile home, or damage to mobile homes, which is not covered by insurance. The deposit can be paid in cash.

3 Where is check-in in the camp?

Check-in is at the reception desk where you will get your key of the mobile home and fill in the documentation.

4 What are the documents required at the campsite? Where do I get the keys of the mobile home?

At the reception desk you need a valid identity document and a voucher, we will send you. You get the key of the mobile home at the reception.

5 We have a dog. Can we take it with us to the mobile home?

Most of the campsites and mobile homes allow pets, in some camps at extra charge according to the pricelist of the camp. If pets are welcome in the mobile home and in the camp you can check under the tab Extra info on the website (www.adria-holidays.net/en) of the selected camp.

6 What about wi-fi?

Most camps offer an internet point and wi-fi on the entire surface of the campsite or on a specific area.

7 Is in the mobile home everything you need for cooking?

Mobile homes are equipped with a set of cookware for basic cooking.

8 Will cleaners and cleaning accessories be in the mobile home?

No, you need to bring cleaners and cleaning utensils with you.

9 Do we need to bring bedding?

In the most campgrounds is bedding included in the price of renting a mobile home. We advise you to pre-check by the agency.

10 Do we need to bring towels?

Yes, you have to bring the towels with you. It is also good to bring some kitchen towels and other cleaning cloths.

11 Does the mobile home have any other equipment, such as: garden furniture, kitchen utensils, grill, etc.?

Garden furniture on the patio and kitchen utensils are a part of every mobile home. Grill is usually located on a common area in the camp, where is suitable for open fires, but is necessary to obey the camp rules.

12 Will we be able to do the laundry in the camp?

Some of the larger camps have the possibility to use the washing machines in the laundry rooms, which are usually located near the toilets in the camp.

13 Can I take a grill with me?

You can take an electric grill with you. To use the grill – open fires – it is necessary to obey the camp rules. They are usually located on a common area in the camp, where is suitable for open fires.

14 What kind of luggage should I take?

Certainly bags are preferred, for the car as well as later in the mobile home.

15 What kind of clothes do I need, do I need to know something special about it?

Since mobile homes offer a comfortable holiday, you need some usual holiday clothes.

16 Which currencies do I need in Slovenia, Italy, France, Croatia and Hungary?

National currency of Slovenia, Italy and France is the euro. National currency of Croatia is the kuna, euros are accepted by a number of traders, but not all. Croatia has enough ATMs that allow raising kunas. Hungary’s national currency is the forint.

17 Are on arrival at the house any food and other basic necessities?

In the mobile home is no food, just kitchen equipment and a set of cookware.

18 Is it possible to book a transfer from the airport to the camp? Or you can hire a taxi, rent-a-car in the camp or nearby?

Possibility of booking a transfer from the airport to the camp depends on each camp and it is stated on the website of the camp. You can usually take a taxi and rent-a-car at the airport or at the campsite, which is also listed on the website of the camp.

19 What are the usual costs of staying in the camp?

Obligatory payments in the camps are tourist tax per person per day (approx. 1 €), registration fee per person (approx. 1 €) and final cleaning. Of course, you can also enjoy shopping, take part in certain activities (water sports, golf, tennis …), indulge yourself (in massage, sauna), go on tours by boat or bus, etc.

20 Is it possible to rent a mobile home starting with another day, not necessarily on a Saturday?

In the high season is rent in most camps possible only on Saturdays, in some also on Wednesdays.

21 Are mobile homes insured? What happens in the event of mobile home damage?

Mobile homes are insured. In the case of deliberate damage to equipment in the mobile home or to mobile home it is required to pay the cost of reparation or replacement.

22 Should I get travel insurance?

For your own interest, you are advised to get travel insurance before departure which includes cancellation insurance. If you rent a mobile home with Adria Holidays is your holiday financially protected with the coverage of the failure of the trip.

23 What should I do in case of unpleasant events, such as a theft or burglary?

If you experience any of the above, you should inform the reception desk. Get a police report that will help you report a claim in an insurance company. Of course you should also inform us as soon as possible about the event and the damage – we will help you with advice.

24 What should I do if I find out (after the holidays) that I have forgotten something in the mobile home?

About all possible forgotten things in the mobile home you can contact us and we will help you communicate with the camp, in which you forgot your things, or directly to the reception desk of the camp.

25 When is possible to arrive and necessary to leave the mobile home?

The arrival to the home is possible after 4 pm, the departure before 10 am. Outside the high season is also possible that mobile homes are prepared earlier. On arrival please make a stop at the reception desk where they will give you all necessary information.

26 Can I take a bike with me?

If you like cycling, certainly! In most camps they can also be rented.

27 What do I do if I have bugs and insects in the mobile home?

In the case of unpleasant insects contact the reception desk, where they will kindly help you with the elimination and destruction. Since mobile homes are located in the nature, the appearance of insects is possible, but quickly solved.

28 Can I choose the number of the mobile home?

You can make a request which number of mobile home you want and we will try to realize your wish. However, the precise location and number of mobile home cannot be reserved in advance.

29 Is swimming pool in the camp?

Some campsites, especially those near the hotels, offer the guests of the mobile home also the swimming pool usage.

30 What can I do in the camp?

The camps offer a wide range of sporting activities, entertainment programs for guests of all ages, trips to nature or visiting cities, facilities with slot machines, beauty and wellness centers, shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. In the camps or in the vicinity are also walking and cycling trails.

31 Are mobile homes situated by the sea?

In most camps mobile homes are located in the vicinity of the sea. The exact distance is listed under the tab Mobile homes on the website (www.adria-holidays.net/en) of the selected camp.

32 I’ve already got several offers for renting a mobile home. Why should I choose yours?

  • We have visited all camps in our offer so we know them and have a good cooperation with them,
  • all mobile homes are adequately furnished and equipped,
  • we can solve all your possible comments quickly,
  • the agency Adria Holidays provides all the rights and benefits to all its clients to which are entitled those who benefit from the services of a travel agency,
  • our loyal customers are also entitled to the benefits of loyalty.