FAQ - Motorhomes

1 What does the rental price include?

Rental prices are per motorhome, per rental period, depending on the season of the year, regardless of the number of people aboard
(subject to the maximum number of berths). The motorhome rental price includes the cost of the motorhome with standard equipment. There is an obligatory extra
charge for final cleaning, and extra optional prices for kitchen utensils, bedding etc.

2 Why is it necessary to place a security deposit?

All our motorhomes have Kasko (comprehensive) insurance. The refundable security deposit of €1000 is a straight deductible, intended to cover any damages to the vehicle
that are not covered by the insurance policy. The security deposit can be paid in cash or by credit card. If you pay by credit card, make sure you have enough money in your account to cover the transaction.

3 What qualifications do I need to hire a motorhome ?

To hire a motorhome in Slovenia the driver must have a
driving license B (vehicle weight up to 3.5t) for at least 3 years and the driver’s minimum age is 21.

4 I’ve never driven such a large vehicle as a motorhome. Is it difficult?

No, it isn’t difficult. You just need to get used to the size of
the vehicle (when parking) and to a somewhat different way of driving. Upon handover of the vehicle to you, ask our
staff for practical tips – or, better yet, we can arrange for you to have a free test drive first!

5 Where in Novo mesto can we leave our car in the time of rental?

All our customers can park their cars in our company’s parking lot, free of charge.
Another solution is to leave your vehicle in one of the car parks in the city centre.

6 How many passengers may we take in a motorhome?

Each motorhome is type approved for a specific number of passengers, but generally the
number of passengers may not exceed the number of seatbelts in the motorhome. It is the driver’s or lessee’s responsibility to make sure all regulations are followed.

7 We have a dog. Can we take it with us in the motorhome?

Yes you can, but you will be charged an extra cleaning fee. It is also necessary to arrange a suitable place for your pet since pets are not allowed on the beds.

8 Can we take bicycles with us?

Yes, of course! All of our motorhomes have the possibility to transport bicycles, either in the motorhome’s luggage compartment or on the rear-mounted bike carrier.

9 How much fuel do motorhomes consume?

As with other vehicles, the amount of fuel consumed by motorhomes strongly depends on your style of driving. Depending
on their shape and weight, fuel consumption ranges from 10 to 13 l/100 km – and, of course, proportionately more if you push the engine too hard.

10 What about communication; are there any connections in the motorhome?

You will be able to access the internet through GPRS if you have the
necessary hardware. Phones can be charged using a car charger adapter. Our campers have radio/mp3/CD players and can accommodate your IPod.

11 Does the motorhome have all the equipment needed to prepare meals?

The camper could be equipped (ON REQUEST) with crockery and cutlery for
the number of people which the camper can take when at maximum capacity. Utensils, which will enable you to cook most basic meals are also provided,
along with a tin opener and corkscrew. For any specific requirements, please let us know.

12 Will there be cleaning supplies in the motorhome?

Basic cleaning accessories such as washing-up liquid, surface
cleaner etc., are standard motorhome equipment and are included in the price.

13 Will I need to take any bed linen?

Sheets, pillows, blankets are not standard equipment, but they are available
(ON REQUEST) for a small extra charge. Please let us know in advance and we can organise these to be put in the motorhome before your arrival.

14 Will there be any further equipment in the motorhome such as garden furniture, kitchen utensils, BBQ etc?

Garden furniture, awning, water hose, electric cable with
an adapter etc., are standard, while the kitchen and BBQ equipment are not standard equipment but can be pre-ordered for a small additional charge.

15 Will there be anywhere to do the laundry?

In all better campsites there are launderette facilities and they can be used for a small charge.

16 What electrical equipment can I take?

It’s not practical to take a great deal of electrical goods as electricity is in short supply. All of our campers have an external
connection which means that you can have 220V electricity while camping.

17 What type of luggage should I take?

A soft bag – a soft holdall will help store your luggage when you unpack in the camper. A suitcase style (hard case) will be difficult
to store with a number of people in the camper

18 What clothing will I need, are there any special requirements ?

Depending on the season and the area; trainers, jeans…; anything that you will feel comfortable in. Avoid
taking too much baggage as it will take up space and remain unused during the trip.

19 What currency will I need in Slovenia and Croatia?

The national currency in Croatia is the kuna, euros are accepted
but not everywhere! Also in Croatia there are plenty of ATMs where you can withdraw kunas with your card.The national currency in Slovenia is the euro.

20 Can I get any provisions upon arrival?

We can organise some basic provisions such as water, bread, toilet
rolls, etc. We can also arrange to take you shopping to the nearest supermarket upon arrival, so you can choose exactly what you need.

21 Who will pick me up from the airport?

If transfers have been organised with us in advance, there will be someone to pick you and your party up in either a car or minivan depending upon the size of
your party. They can be recognised easily as they will either be holding an “Adria” sign or your details “Jones party”. On the internet you can also find “cheap transport from/to airport”e.g. GO OPTI.

22 What is the standard 7 days route?

We can give you examples of some of the most popular tours in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy.
We also encourage our customers to explore and disregard the typical routes, and make their holiday unique.

23 What is the typical cost of staying in campsites?

The camping costs depend on the category, season, and location and are around €15-40 for a motorhome per night.

24 Is it possible to rent a motorhome through your agency from any other day than Friday?

During the high season we usually rent our campers
from Friday to Friday. Sometimes it is possible to rent a shorter term from MO-FR.

25 Are the motorhome and passengers insured?

Yes, all our camper and passengers are insured, and are not liable for damage to
their own and other cars or property. You are advised to take out your own personal accident insurance.

26 Should I have travel insurance?

In your own interest, you are strongly advised to buy suitable travel insurance before leaving home, including cancellation insurance to protect
your booking deposit. When you book your holiday through Adria Holidays your holiday is financially protected through our Tour Operators Failure Cover,
and you are comprehensively insured in the motorhome you are renting and are not liable for any damage beyond the value of the security deposit.

27 Do you provide motorhome briefings?

The hirer and his or her party will be given a general briefing covering the cruising grounds. Questions about itinerary, campsites, places of interest,
conditions, or any part of the desired trip can be answered. A more specific briefing aboard the motorhome will then be given, covering all the operating,
electrical, water, gas and toilet systems.

28 What to do in case of unfortunate incidents such as a car accident, theft or burglary?

If any of the incidents above happen to you, you will need to call the police so that they can inspect the scene and file a report. Make sure you obtain
a copy of the police report, the incident report and the names and contact information of any other parties involved. It is also a good idea to take
photographs of the damage to substantiate your insurance claim. Of course, you should also inform us of the incident and damage as soon as possible – and we will help you out with advice and guidance.

29 What if we realize (after our trip) that we forgot one or more items in the motorhome?

All lost & found items are kept at the company headquarters until the end of the season. You should inform us of any forgotten items as
soon as possible – and we will arrange to return them to you. After the end of the calendar year, we unfortunately cannot guarantee the recovery of lost items.

30 How long can a motorhome last without connection to a water or power supply?

Water and power consumption depends on how many users (lights, appliances, shower, kitchen…) are connected and on how long the motor is running
and charging the batteries. You should carefully monitor the water level in the water tank and check the battery status on the control panel – and,
if necessary, connect to a water/power supply.

31 Where outside of campsites is it possible to spend the night?

Overnight camping outside designated areas is usually strictly forbidden and may even be punishable by law. In our guide books,
you will find a list of all possible stops.

32 What documents do I need to rent a motorhome?

To rent a motorhome, you will need our contract and the voucher that you received when the final rental payment was made. Of course,
we will also need to see your driver’s license, because the driver of a motorhome must have a category B license (up to 3.5 tonnes MAM)
and at least 3 years of experience. You will need a credit card or cash to pay the refundable deposit fee. You should also check if you
need any other permits such as a visa.

33 I currently have several different offers on motorhome rentals. Why should I choose yours?

The travel agency Adria Holidays and the company Adria Plus are part of the Adria Mobil group. All of our rental motorhomes are
Adria brand vehicles, manufactured with Fiat engines. Adria Plus is not only an authorized Adria motorhome dealer and service centre but
also an official FIAT auto service centre.

All this allows us to ensure that:

  • All our motorhomes are always in top condition;
  • Any defects can be repaired as soon as possible, using genuine parts;
  • We can provide our customers with a replacement vehicle if one is needed;
  • Adria Holidays guarantees all its customers all the rights that travellers using travel agency services are entitled to;
  • Returning customers get a loyalty discount;
  • We have competitive prices considering all that we offer!


In short, we are the right partner for your holidays.
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