Taking a Baby to the Seaside

The birth of a family changes the life of a young couple. It touches all areas of everyday life and influences the way they spend their leisure time. The well-being of the child becomes the primary concern and the parents pay attention to it in most of their decisions. Including vacation choices.

What Kind of Vacation is Suitable for a Baby?

If, previously, we wished for adventuring, an active and fun filled vacation, we now prioritise a calm, relaxed and child friendly vacation. We want to know where we can find enough shade for the baby to spend the hot summer days outdoors. What must be chosen so that we'll be surrounded by nature, but still spending the summer comfortably and practically. That our surroundings are clean and without annoying insects. That we will not have to worry about potential summer showers. That nobody will say when to eat. In other words, we wish for a vacation, where we will be able to rest and devote ourselves to our family in peace, without additional worries.

Taking a Baby to a Mobile Home

And since we, during early days of parenthood, usually prioritise changing our surroundings before sunbathing and swimming, our choice of residence is truly important. A tent, a hotel, an apartment, or a mobile home?

In spite of higher prices, houses are the right choice for many new parents. They are located in nature, partial shade, and near the sea. The mobile houses offer more privacy thus, as former campers, you may feel bereft of chitchat while washing dishes or waiting in the line for the shower. However, you can still chat to your neighbours in the camp or choose numerous activities for the free minutes that you will have.

Even though the houses do not offer prepared meals like hotels, the modern interior allows for practical and simple vacationing, as everything you require is within arm's reach. When the sun is at its hottest, you can find shelter in an air conditioned house which you can also heat if the temperatures are low. From your own, covered terrace you can enjoy the view of the surroundings. You'll feel right at home, except that you're surrounded by the scent of pines and the sounds of the sea.

Photo: Mobile home in Camp Polidor

Where to Buy Diapers?

In camp sites, which are without traffic and thus suitable for children's play, you will find stores, restaurants and cafes. In tourist resorts nearby, you will also find supermarkets, which are well stocked with diapers and other baby needs. Medical aid is usually no more than half an hour away - do not forget to take your health insurance certificate.

Stroller Walks by the Sea

Near mobile homes, you will find walking paths - by the sea, in nature, some of them also in the shade, which is appropriate for stroller walks with the family. For evening walks, you may select a footpath leading to the nearby town and feel its pulse, or treat yourself to culinary specialties that it offers. Mobile homes help you focus on the rhythm of the baby, take time for yourself and enjoy summer evenings together with your partner.
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