Adria Holidays Brand Adria Village

Adria Holidays created its own brand – ADRIA VILLAGE an active & glamorous lifestyle with high quality service in natural surroundings.

Adria Village is a developing concept for a unique glamping resort with luxury accommodation, supported by the best services and living in nature. An added value to all luxury is the friendly, well-informed and considerate personnel that make living in our villages perfect. Any accommodation offered under the trade mark Adria Village combines prestige with nature with emphasis on the content. We believe that pampering our guests, as well as a personal and friendly approach towards them is the key to creating unforgettable moments and satisfies guest who will want to come back. During your accommodation search, look for the ADRIA VILLAGE symbol.

Our mission is to create the best lifestyle in nature.



Adria Village - brand of trust

Adria Village Benefits

Adria Village is a brand name project management concept upgraded with our support with investments to the project (Adria product), marketing by Adria Holidays and revenue sharing with Adria Home. We cooperate with trustworthy and best rating partners.


The Concept Adria Village

The concept of a comfort luxury accommodation in harmony with nature is being offered by an environmental friendly resort, the Adria Village with glamping tents, luxury mobile homes and all included offers. Our main priorities are the satisfaction of our guests and the service we offer. 

Join Adria Village Collection

Join the chain of glamping villages Adria Village!


The conditions for joining us are:

- Adria Mobile Group Accommodations

- Landscape Design for your Adria Village, made by Adria Company

- Additional offers, according to plan

- The personnel have to satisfy the standards

Develop a unique  story in pure nature, related to the local area.
If you want to add an Adria Village to your offer, send us an e-mail on:

Since Adria Village is peculiar and unique, every offer will be dealt with individually.



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