Family Teambuilding

Whether it's nutrition, cosmetics or relaxing. Well, perhaps because due to of all the abundance offered by the consumer industry of today, we want to sometimes run away from all of this. You know, there are no coincidences in life. It all happens for a reason. 

Chateau Ramšak Vineyard Glamping

So, one day, three years ago, I was looking for something online and an ad for a different kind of holiday appeared on the side. Camp with glamping tents. I already heard about this, but I did not know what exactly it meant. It's a good thing that Mr. Google knows everything.
I quickly typed in the phrase to find out what it's about. Reading increases my interest in this way of spending free time - vacationing. I'm very excited. But this is not enough for realization. I have to impress other members of the family for such a vacation to happen. Well, my husband will like it, I know that. What about our adolescents? Children in a period when everything »sucks«, »whatever«, »must we really«, »well if you insist«, »omg« …

You need the right tactic with a high dose of motivation. I want to make the decision together, and without moodiness and nagging. I talk to my husband, we make a plan, and decide that we will make the holiday thematic and also give it a title. And to make it in style of the young ones, we gave it the title "HF - Have fun and enjoy". My daughter and son accepted it, but I did not manage to read their inner monologue about it. I wonder what they were thinking, ha ha ...

Our holiday is never just a beach lounging, with the brain "turned off". That's why we knew that this time, we had to make the perfect script too. We will book a glamping tent and adjust it all to that.
  • With my daughter we will make a menu for the whole week and every dish, which we will create together (everyone will have a role), will be decorated with natural "accessories - decorations" from the camp.
  • The husband and son will make slings from twigs and one of the days we'll have a contest by shooting at a tree.
  • We will look for ideas for original games in nature and with my husband we will recapture some from our childhood. So we will try to hit an item with pebbles, throw pebbles into a pot, count the bounces that flat stones will make off water's surface when we throw them at the sea, play "steal the land", hopscotch...

That we may sometimes spend 24 hours with our nearest and dearest is a privilege and a precious thing nowadays. Our daily rhythm is such that we hurry from work to task, from obligation to obligation, each along our own paths. Perhaps it is only in the evening that all of the family members sit together by the dinner table. If we even do.

That's why we traded "all inclusive" with simplicity, which was, however, only such at first sight. We did not miss the hustle and bustle, mini disco, we came up with creative workshops ourselves, we were together all day - talked, read, splashed in the water, assembled, competed and laughed. This is a real holiday or better still, a family "all inclusive".

Photo: Jošt Gantar

In the evening, we told each other "nighty night" pleasantly tired, and each went to our own parts of the special and very comfortable, even luxurious lair - a glamping tent. A smile on the face of both children expressed curiosity: "What beautiful and adventurous thing awaits us tomorrow?"

Glamping Olimia Adria Village

And if I tell you what our common finding was ... Top holiday, where we combined comfort with nature. And in doing so, we bonded, spent a lot of time together, solidified our connection, got to know each other and improved our values and characteristics such as: patience, adaptability, acceptance, active listening, help, teamwork, cooperation... Could we have wished for anything more?

With my husband, we named this vacation an EXCELLENT FAMILY TEAMBUILDING.

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