From a block of flats to a (small) house...

We live in an apartment in a block of flats. So it is nowadays, when I have a family, and so it was in my childhood and youth. I always admired the houses of classmates and friends when I came to visit them. And I wondered why we do not have one. But at least partly, this desire to "not live in the block" was sated in the summer days when we went to the seaside. That was when we moved to a tent for a few days, and later in a van, which was skillfully reworked by my father into a "camper". Well, the latter only had a "bedroom", the kitchen was outdoors, the toilet facilities were shared in the camp. But it was NOT a block of flats and it was great for me.

My current family (me and my husband, and daughter and son) have been vacationing in hotels in different countries for many years. But on a spring day, when we started planning a vacation for that year with my husband, I got the idea of how to make a childhood - youth wish come true in some way. "What if we booked a mobile house by the seaside this year," I said. Before my husband answered, I explained to him why I really wanted to do so. Of course, he supported me, and for the children, we both knew they would be enthusiastic either way.

Wow, we're going to a little house!

And soon, summer came, and with it, preparations for holiday. After careful consideration, we decided for Croatia and booked a modern mobile home by Adria in the Poseidon Camp on the Makarska Riviera. After many years, when we had only worry about clothes and some toys, because we did not need anything else in a hotel, I had vacation butterflies in my belly.

I am not exactly the most enthusiastic housewife, but it was a special pleasure to write a list of what we need for the kitchen: detergent for washing dishes, sponges, napkins, salt pot ... And of course, some food, even though we decided to buy the majority over there.

We involved our ten-year-old and seven-year-old into the packing; we were really like a sports dream team. When we arrived at the Poseidon Mobile Home Resort and took care of the introductory bureaucratic obligations, the impatient expectation of our two little sunshines intensified. Will they have a bunk bed, will there be a kitchen, and a bathroom ...? We quickly found the house, they were impressed when they saw that the houses in the settlement were arranged into streets. When we entered it, I saw based on the first reaction that they liked it. I did too. Well, we have a house now, I thought. And in doing so, I pushed aside the fact that it was only for a week ... 

When we looked at everything and put things into place, we went to explore the surroundings. We made the best of every single day. This means that we went to the beach early after breakfast (until the sun was too strong), then played board games, went to see the surroundings, and after dinner we went for a walk. But the children could barely wait for us to return and sit for a while on the terrace of our house. Our Adriana, as we lovingly called the house, always welcomed us kindly and hospitably.

Poseidon Mobile Home Resort, Makarska

Our week was full of variety and fun. Even today, a few years after that summer holiday "adventure", we are all happy to remember that slightly different week in Adriana. The week when we were also the owners of a house. Not to mention my satisfaction with the fact that I finally realized the desire to have a house. Even if only for a week. :)

What did we particularly like?

- Large terrace (compared to the small balcony in the hotel room) with deck chairs.
- Very beautiful, modern and comfortable equipment in the interior of the house.
- The fact that we have set times for meals ourselves (compared to a hotel in which you are at least partly bound to certain hours).
- No crowds in the dining room :).
- A step and we were outside (compared to several floors and elevator in the hotel).
- Feeling of homeliness.

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