Gornja Radgona

Slovenia is indeed a country, of which we like to say that God created it for himself, as his paradise. 

There are many sunny days throughout the year, a high-quality soil, and rich in minerals. Diligent hands have been cultivating this soil for centuries and have produced high-quality wines, according to world-standards. These wines can easily be compared to French wines, and sometimes even range better than the French ones at international competitions. Slovenia has three large wine-regions, divided into nine smaller ones. The Slovenes are very proud of those regions and of the admiration they get for them from foreign visitors. 

Take a trip to the far North-East of the country, to the Radgonsko Kapelske gorice, where the hills are studded with endless lines of vines. The hills slowly fall towards the Pannonian plain and thus get a lot of sun throughout the day. Combined with an extremely fruitful soil and a not to severe climate, one can understand why it is this very region that belongs to the four percent of best vineyard-regions in the world.
The result are top-quality wines and sparkling wines from the cellar Radgonska klet, whose tradition goes back to the beginning of the 1800 and which has for ages been a great rival of the French Champagne-producers.

14 different sparkling wines, 4 different cellars, an archive treasury of those wines, as well as a house of sparkling wines will make your visit interesting enough to come back again.

A walk through the vineyards, a chat with the keepers of the wine-cellars and with experts, who take care of the ripening of these prestigious potions, as well as a wine tasting in the evening will make your trip unique and you will enjoy it with all your senses. 

Chose a day, when the sun will wake you up in the morning, put on sporty and elegant clothes and go for an unforgettable adventure.
Yet with an empty stomach you cannot enjoy your trip. We recommend you thus to visit the Inn Rajh in Bankovci at Murska Sobota and get some gourmet pampering.

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