Lago di Como

Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. (Hans Christian Andersen)

Italy is not only the hot south, the Antique Rome, the Fashion city Milano, the gourmet city of Tuscany, the mundane Amalfi or the romantic Venice. It can be a sweet mixture of it all, hidden in the Alps, with a touch of the Mediterranean and luxury.

The glacier lake deep in the Alps, on the very north of Italy, where warm Mediterranean air flows through narrow valleys and nicely warms the shores of the lake, while the tops of the mountains are covered by white snow. A contrast you will fall in love with. 

At first sight you might not say that this is an Italian countryside. But as soon as you see the local people, order your first espresso, Prosecco or Aperol, you will believe that you are nowhere else as in Italy. You will notice this by the service, the taste, the style and the people around you, which live life with all their being – here and now. In every move of theirs, every smile, look and word you will feel the typical Italian temper, which is nothing else than pure passion for life and everything beautiful.
The Lago di Como lake is huge. It is divided into two parts. And every corner of it is worth seeing. Round and round, through the villages and towns, avenues of palms or oleanders, past the most prestigious hotels and villas, botanical gardens, luxury marines and cafes by the lake, a road runs along the shore of the lake. Take your time. Believe me, you will just want to stop everywhere. It is truly beautiful. A special adventure is the floating on the lake. We recommend a float in a wooden luxury boat.

Of course there is no Italy without good food.

The choice here is very varied. There is something for all kinds of tastes, opportunities and capabilities. So chose the one you love most. Don't skip a snack with prosciutto, olives, cheese, truffles, fresh vegetables and fruit – with a drop of olive oil on everything. Of course there must always be a glass of two of cooled sparkling wine! You'll appreciate this advice!

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