The magic of the mobile home

Let me tell you, right at the start, that this is not my story. Although it could be. I can totally feel it. I see myself in it. I could have a lead role in it. But a friend of mine told me this story. And I will share it with you now.

After repeatedly failing to meet for a coffee, we finally managed. We were chatting for a long time at the end of last summer, when we had a chance to pack all beautiful adventures, insights, and everything else in a box, write GOOD MEMORIES on it, and wrap it with a bow on top.

I did not mention in the introduction that I rarely see my friend as she lives in Brussels for most of the year, where she works. The schedule during her short visits home is, of course, always full.

But we managed to meet and revive a few moments of the past summer. She told me the following...

»Irena, you know that every year we travel to another country for family holidays. So far, the recurrent theme of all holidays has always been - hotel with maximum comfort. But this time, my husband and me agreed: 'Concrete, walls, restaurant food, racing from animation to animation, that is our everyday life. What if, after so many years, do change the style of our holidays?' And everything that goes with it. So (if I speak for myself) ... high heels, more or less comfortable clothes, make-up and all the remaining kitsch.

By chance, although I know that there are no coincidences, I was on the phone with my friends, who was enthusiastically explaining about a mobile home in which they will spend their holidays this time.

During the next few days, I was thinking about the possibility of trying such a holiday, and I mentioned the idea to my husband. And he loved it. We talked about it to our three children. And so we wanted to replace a hotel with a pool complex and the »all inclusive« system for an Adria Dom mobile home. And a balcony with a view of the crowded pool, with a beautiful terrace embraced by pine trees.

Milo Moje campsite, Makarsca, Croatia

And you know what I found out? That we spent much more time together, all the members of the family. Instead of routine day-to-day entry into the hotel restaurant at least three times a day, including the crowd, we also planned and prepared meals together. On the way from the beach to our temporary home, we bought potatoes and tomatoes at a friendly local man at a stall, and the rest in a small shop, which was filled with by a lovely smile and helpfulness of a salesperson in it.

Then we cooked and ate together. Evening animation at the hotel, which usually separated us (the children went to the mini club and then we enjoyed some show), was replaced by sitting on a terrace of the mobile home, where our evenings were filled with various games: we played Monopoly, Uno, Old Maid, Ludo, pantomime...

In contrast to the silence at the hotel, when we were watching the shows, we laughed, shared ideas and, through play and conversation, strengthened family and general life values. All this far from everyday stress and life rhythm. Can you imagine any other more relaxing break and better idea of strengthening family ties? I do not. And, even better, even my husband and children do not. So I am already imagining our family holidays next year.«

Well, at the end, my friend added: "And you know when we realised, that this was the right decision? When we heard our son enthusiastically explaining to his friend on the phone about where we are, and he said: 'Hey, Mark, it really is Cool in here!*'«

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