Opčine and Trieste

“Buon principio fa buon fine.”(Italian proverb)

If you'd have to point out one sole characteristic of the Italians, it would definitely be the indisputable »JOIE DE VIVRE«. Regardless of where in Italy, in the capitals or in the rural parts, and regardless of the generation: older or younger. Even when they leave their country, the Italians take their joy of life with them – in their hearts and in their blood.
Sometimes it's good to »get infected« with their philosophy. If this grows into regular practice, believe me, it's proven that it doesn't harm. On the contrary!

Set your clock, so you'll catch the sunrise over the sea and have your first espresso, nowhere else as in one of the most popular cafes in the town of Opčine – Caffe Vatta. Don't forget to have some croissant with it – or something sweet in any case.
Opčine are a charming town up the hill over the mighty Trieste, from where you can reach the centre of town with a streetcar. This means of traffic has existed here since 1876. The ride lasts approx. 20 minutes and the view is gorgeous. So is the adventure. Your children will love it!

Be Italian for one day

Life in Trieste is very fast. You might even find it somewhat chaotic and wild. But after nine in the morning it calms down and the city brightens up in its morning beauty. Most people are at work, which is why you will find your favourite chair in one of the cafes on the main square with a view on the main pier and on the entire Bay of Trieste. It is a perfect ambiance for being creative, to sort out one's thoughts, read one's favourite books or simply enjoy the beauty around. Order another coffee, a lemonade or mineral water. Your children will be thrilled about the locations well. The main square is large and free of traffic; it has a large statue and mighty buildings – an excellent playground. From the square you can walk to the main channel, where a large fair of antiquities takes place at the weekends. Close to the channel, there is the market place, the city aquarium, museums, shops a basilica and a synagogue.
You will admire the city parks, the water-fountains, mighty statues, villas and other mighty buildings.

The best means of traffic in Trieste is a Vespa.

At lunchtime you should go to the oldest cafe, the cafe San Marco. Great food and even better coffee. It is boiled in a special copper device, or else in a special kind of coffee-machine. What a taste!!! And the food. Yes, it's definitely worth every bite of it. But be moderate. Eat a bit of everything, yet not too much of anything.
Those of you who are rather skilful (very skilful actually, because the traffic in Italian cities is not a traffic, but a game in the sense »who is fastest, first and most inventive”), should rent a Vespa and drive to the castle Mira Mare. Others should take the city bus, call a taxi or walk along the shore to the castle. Whatever you choose, it'll be worth it. Very much so! The castle, the city wall, parks, gardens, flowers, trees, fishponds, fountains and the sea. If you watch the sun slowly set into the sea, your day will not only be beautiful or gorgeous, it will be superb. A moment that you will remember forever.

To start a day in a quality way can be knowledge, luck or a way of life.

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