Grab hold of something – you are in the Vipava valley!

Karstic landscape is all around, along the river embedded between steep mountains. When you feel a sharp Bura wind on your skin and look for something to hold of – in order not to be blown away from it (200 km/h), then you are definitely in the valley of tastes and the Bura wind. And you won't forget either of it. 

The Bora wind – no obstacles

The countryside might seem rough at first sight and not welcoming at all, with lots of rocks and bushes – mostly if you come down of the mountain of Nanos (which gives you the most beautiful view of the valley). But as you know: it's mostly what we don't like at first sight that overwhelms us later. And that's the case with the Vipava valley as well. First you will be offered something to eat and a glass of red wind, of course. The hosts will accept you as one of them, because that's the ways it is. Enduring, yet very hearty. 

Regardless of where you are in Slovenia, there are three things you will come along: nature, food and vine. The valley Vipavska dolina is well-known for its vegetation and climate and looks a lot like the Mediterranean landscape. The climate seems to be Mediterranean as well, even if there is no sea. The warm Adriatic air that streams from the coast and lies on this valley, stays here, since it cannot stream further due to the high mountain of Nanos which presents the natural border between the continental and the Mediterranean climate. 

Therefore you will find figs, asparagus, smoke trees, small bushes and even palms, growing at some village castles and villas in the valley. When you look up the mountain and the hills, you will see many horizontal and vertical, slightly winding lines: these are the vineyards. Among them there are fruit gardens with peaches, apricots and plums, as well as hamlets and villages. 

Looking around you cannot overlook one of the most beautiful castles in Slovenia, where one of the most beautiful castles of Slovenia stands, Zemono castle, with a top-quality restaurant. .

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