Romantic Getaway for Two

And off we went. Alone. My husband and I. On a few days’ break and escape from the crazy world. Why just the two of us? Because the children are suddenly grown up and of course it is no longer "cool" to go to holidays with your mother and father. Well, this is completely normal in a family development, is it not? We said, "If your life gives you lemons, make a lemonade.” You know this solution, right?

So, we did not make a fuss, but packed some clothes, two towels, and a sunscreen, and drove towards the sea. As during those old times of the first joint interwoven thoughts, words, and actions. Or, simply: as in the time when we first fell in love. At the time when a palm held a palm and understood the heart and the head, when words where not necessary. At a time when my thought was hugging his thought. And vice-versa.

Our holiday destination was Adria mobile home, in a beautiful environment just a few meters from the sea. It was really a couple of days like from a postcard. Peace in the environment, peace in the soul. Dinner for two on a luxurious terrace of the holiday home, with everything that creates a romantic atmosphere: a candle on the table, fragrant sticks, two glasses of chilled wine, some slices of cheese, Dalmatian prosciutto, and some juicy olives. All this was topped up with a conversation.

Adria Village Kozarica

It was a nice conversational inventory of our family life, with retrospective, fragments of outstanding events, and a look into the future. And a lot of swimming and exploring the surroundings on a bicycle during the day, often along the trails, “fenced” with lavender. And accompanied by ... tireless singing cicadas.

In such a place, at such a time and place, you realize that life is valuable and that you have to step off the everyday racing train every now and then, disconnect technical devices, and eliminate any disruptions that poison us at every turn.

It was only a few days, but still enough for the mental wellness, which we supported with morning runs and afternoon cycling. And, of course, conversation, which is the best therapy for interpersonal relationships. With a conversation that connects, enriches, relaxes, and promises many more such romantic days.

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