St. Martins day

Wine and culinary are very important part of Slovenian tradition. Slovenes care for their wines in the same way as to the delicious specialties of their cuisine. 

Wine route - 10th anniversary of this event

This gastronomic event each year attracts more visitors from near and far. A dot on the i is the unique atmosphere in the Tunnels beneath the historic centre of Kranj. A large choice of wines from all over Slovenia will be complemented by local cheeses, spreads and meat products. 

                                                                        Foto: Arhiv Zavod za Turizem in kulturo Kranj

St. Martins and Glamping

The St. Martin’s Day celebration in Maribor is the biggest public one-day celebration of St. Martin’s Day in Slovenia. On this occasion, even 20.000 visitors from Slovenia and abroad come to the Slovenian Styrian capital. The tribute to autumn and the celebration in the city square are accompanied by a rich cultural and entertainment offer and several wine and culinary events.
Merry St Martins day in Styria can be concluded in the only wine glamping in Slovenia and with the largest wine press in Europe. Pleasant pampering at Glamping Chateau Ramšak Maribor is waiting for you.

The Karst wine road

The Karst wine road connecting nearly 170 producers of Karst delicacies. The Wine Road passes along the sprawling, limestone Karst plateau, which is covered by terra rossa. This is the home of the Karst bora wind, and the warmest rays of sunshine., foto: Nea Culpa d.o.o.

Due to all these natural advantages, the vines of Karst region are full of delicious grapes, from which the Karst people have been making excellent wines for centuries. Typical wine cellars called “hrami” are fascinating places: some of them are cut into stone and some have been carved in caves by nature itself.

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