Searching for truffles

You know it is very difficult not to talk, think or write about food and wine, if you come from somewhere between Italy, Croatia and Slovenia. We are from different nations and cultures, with a different history, yet we share the same love for great food and wine, good people and enjoying life! This tradition is being passed on from generation to generation. Some more, some less, yet everyone at least a little bit.
No, we will not speak about cheese and wine. Well, not entirely. The main actor today is the TUBER. A dark mass, not delicious at all – at first sight. Tubers are being dug out from the soil with the help of trained dogs or pigs. A luxury delicacy, which can be worth millions – even one sole tuber. Some would die for it, while some would run away.

A luxury delicacy or only a tuber out of the soil

You might know where we are taking you today?

Noooo? Maybe?

Well let us unveil today's trip.

The variety of Istria makes it able that after the end of the tourist season the season of TRUFFLES begins.
This royal tuber, mostly white in the Istrian region, is best in autumn. It’s ripe enough, big enough with a divine aroma. Yes, of course we could discuss this, but it simply smells divine and the taste is delicious for some, while others – as I said before – would run away from it.
We can't tell you more about truffles than that they really have a very specific taste. The taste very well with oysters, pasta, starchy vegetable sauces, olives and olive oil. The combination with fresh figs and young cheese is divine as well. An ice-cream with truffles, mmmmmh! The meat of an autochthonous Istrian beef, called »boškarin« with white truffles is – according to testimonies of top gourmets and renowned food critics – the top of all tastes and delight. And if you toast to it with a glass of Istrian black wine – THAT is gourmet-poetry!

Every autumn there are several festivals, markets and culinary events in the name of this royal tuber. The events stretch from the valley of the river Mirna to the town of Motovun, which is a fairy-tale like Istrian town and a must-see-destination.
You should join at least one of these events and indulge in the delight.
See you there!

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