Small can also be an advantage

One of the popular locations for travelling as well as for holidays and for living is a small, yet cosy country. It’s peaceful, very secure, with a high quality of life, green and developed. It's called:


It is an excellent choice for all families, since children can enjoy carefree in the nature, as well in the towns. Security is very high and there are possibilities for children everywhere.

Almost everybody speaks English. The traffic infrastructure is more than excellent. There are well-constructed, fast and secure motor-ways, a well organized public transport, three international and several small sport-airports, an international harbour and some smaller marinas.

Last, but not least we need to add that this small country is really a paradise for gourmets. The Slovenes respect their tradition, or else their culinary and wine heritage. At the same time they are known for their achievements in a high-quality and modern culinary and wine production. A mixture of heritage and modern age in Slovene culinary gives top results for everyone who loves to enjoy food and wine.
There's lots more to say about this hidden, yet small gem of Central Europe – and one visit will tell you more than a billion of words, said or written.
“Dober dan.” and “Dobrodošli!” are friendly greetings by Slovene locals, which will follow you on every step of your way here.

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