You Never Forget Your First …

The joy that the adults lost experiencing somewhere on the way to adulthood.
You feel that the child needs nothing more, and that he's happiest because he’s with you. You of course have a clear sense that you are "the culprit" of his happiness because you brought him here. And the circle of genuine good is so complete.

This year we went with our 2-year old child Višnja for the first time to the seaside. Last year we still did not feel the desire to expose her to a long ride and a change in the environment and her daily rhythm, but if this year's summer was to be missed, her mother would have a spontaneous stroke.

Let sleeping dogs lie

According to ViaMichelina the journey from Novo mesto to Pašman takes about four hours. But we stopped three times already in the first 45 minutes, so I really started to sincerely doubt that we’d ever reach the target at all. If I was always listening to DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Summertime mixtape and the biggest hit of the Jinx group a few years ago on my way to the seaside, this time I was mostly singing along with the children's choir of the Primary School Ravne na Koroškem about the clock going to the seaside - it went without bathing suits, so she did not bathe. Our child, luckily, heard my mute and loud prayers and fell asleep, so I did not stop all the way to the destination. Let sleeping dogs lie.

A family holiday is something completely unique. Go to bed early, wake up early, siesta after lunch is a must and in the meantime sea time, meaning enjoying in the water, sand sculpture building and throwing pebbles in the water, then again water, ice creams and swings. Pašman is a paradise for young family because the water is shallow and thus more than suitable for aspiring toddlers. And the adults, however, we go a few meters to our left and arrive at an area intended for those who love more waist-deep water.

This was the first time we decided to spend our holiday in an Adria mobile home. The enlarged Marolt-Rešetič family is considering setting one in Drage, a beautiful small town on the way from Zadar to Šibenik. I was more than positively surprised at how it looks like staying in it.

Everything is so practical, homely, lovely and useful. A big terrace on which I practiced yoga in my underwear in the morning. A beautiful and sensible interior arrangement that offers many separate rooms, which means that the child was sleeping peacefully while Dad and Mom were in the kitchen preparing a true sea food (abundant) dinner. And then we had even a quality romantic time for ourselves.


And, within a few days, we also tested a tent. Anyone who is not familiar with the glamor camping concept should explore it as soon as possible. A giant tent for six people, offering all the advantages of mobile home or even greater due to a large space. Mattresses were even more comfortable so we slept like babies. The afternoon heat was suppressed with the air conditioner. For someone who has clever fingers in camping as a literary critic in carpentry works, I can say with pleasure that I sleep in a tent three times. Never before. I'm becoming more adventurous with age, it’s true. Along with everything, this tent also really looks great.
I always said that if I had the chance, I would rather have a holiday cottage at seaside than a vineyard. First of all, the latter demands work, work, work, however the first offers true enjoyment. Second, vineyards are usually somewhere close to home and a holiday cottage in Dalmatia provides a real change in the environment. I'm really not a workaholic. Maybe I can be described with suffix “holic” for other areas, but the work does not set me free at all. If anything, I'm tired of it.

The sea

The sea is certainly one of the most beautiful children's memories. Mine is a kind of like that - an early, very early morning waking up, which was not difficult because of all the excitement that prevented me from sleeping. Then all four of us together with a bunch of luggage managed to get into a Zastava 101, and my brother and I sitting in the back seats had cold bags between our feet. Then we started a long and slow ride which was characterised by quarrel on whether it’d make sense to open the windows because it was so hot. And then the first sight on the seaside. A long ride along the Adriatic highway was incredibly tranquil because of that eternal glimpse into the endless blue which promises the most wonderful week of the year. Well, even though I had to spend it with my brother, who at that time (understandably) honestly got on my nerves.

Now I have the feeling that I managed to make my little girl experience having the most wonderful week in her exciting and young life. For this reason, I am proud of myself, my beloved one, thankful to Adria for providing us with accommodation, the ancient Roman and Greek gods of the sea, the weather forecast, two bathing swimsuits, the shade on the beach and last but not least the buoy in the sea that was close enough to reach it and cling to it as the greatest lover as it made me easier to empty my bladder in the safe shelter of the current solitude. Then I swam back to the shore, where I and my little girl had fun while throwing pebbles in the water, bathing babies, thus putting the biggest smiles on her face, which I had ever seen. Her happiest week in life has thus become my happiest week to date. And I thought that in these good three decades I have already experienced many things. Silly me, I'm just learning to live.


Blog author: Jure Marolt

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