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If you have never traveled with a motor home, you are certainly asking yourself many things, such as e.g. how to book, what are the prices, which motor home is the most appropriate, how to use a motor home, where to park / spend the night... Allow us to calm you down, there is no need for fears or concern. Here, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. For additional ones, you may call us.

1. What must you know before renting a motor home?

We advise that you first familiarise yourself with rental conditions (prices, additional fees, who may drive the motor home...) and look at the types of motor homes that we offer, whereby you must take into consideration that the number of passengers must not exceed the number of registered seats in the motor home. We can, of course, help you.
When you have picked the desired motor homes, you must simply check free capacities.

2. What is the booking like?

Once we receive your request, we first check, if the rental of the vehicle you desire in the chosen period is still possible. If the vehicle is free at the time, we will send you an offer with a limited time of validity (usually you have up to 3 days to decide).
With the offer, you will also receive a list of data, which we require for the booking. When making the booking, you can also decide for insurance for the risk of cancellation and possible additional non-obligatory additional payments.
When we receive your confirmation, we will send you a contract. Your booking will be understood as fixed once you sign the contract or carry out the first payment.

3. Payment

30% of the value of the package price is paid upon reservation. When this payment is visible in our system, we send you an invoice. After the full price has been paid, you also receive a voucher, which you show to our agent when taking over the vehicle.

4. Additional Costs and Fees

Along with the price of vehicle rental, additional costs also have to be paid, as well as potential non-obligatory fees.
Obligatory additional costs are as follows:
 application fee of 15,00 EUR;
 final cleaning, handover cost, 1 full gas canister, water, chemicals, external and internal final cleaning of the vehicle (except WC-cassette cleaning)
 deposit of 1,000.00 EUR with Visa, Master card, Diners, AE credit cards, or in cash.
Non-obligatory fees:
 full WC-cassette and waste water container: 100,00 EUR;
 bed linen: 5,00 EUR/day for entire motor home – must be announced in advance;
 towels: 5,00 EUR per person (1 small, 1 large) for rental period – must be announced in advance;
 road bicycle: 5,00 EUR/day – must be announced in advance;
 kitchen utensils: 7,00 EUR/day; includes dish washing kit (detergent, sponge, 3 cloths) and a set of dishes for 6 persons – must be announced in advance;
 transfer from the airport (Ljubljana or Zagreb) to base and back 180,00 EUR; one direction transfers 0,80 EUR/km – must be announced in advance;
 maximum kilometres driven: 400 km/day, 2.800 km/week. If exceeded, 0,30 EUR/km is charged.

5. Takeover and return of Motorhome

Other: the vehicle must be returned with a full gas tank, otherwise, missing fuel + 25.00 EUR is charged. Delays in returning the vehicle are charged at a rate of 50.00 EUR/hour.
Takeover / handover outside working time (Saturday, Sunday, holiday) is charged at 50.00 EUR for every started hour.
Takeover / Return of Motor Home
Takeover and handover of the motor home are done at the seat of the company Adria Plus, d. o. o., Podbevškova 13, 8000 Novo mesto. You can arrive with your personal vehicle and leave it at our fenced parking area free of charge (at your own responsibility) for the duration of the motor home rental. Those who include transfer in their package will, of course, not be dealing with this.
The motor home can be taken over between 12.00 and 15.00, and returned by 9.00 in the morning. A few days before your rental period, our agent will call you, to arrange the exact hour of takeover and return of the motor home.
Upon takeover, the insurance deposit is made (with cash or card). The agent will take time to explain how to use the motor home (driving, technical data...). Plan approximately an hour for the takeover. When you are familiar with everything and have signed the takeover record, you will receive the keys and documents for the vehicle, and will be able to start your eagerly awaited journey.

6. Insurance

Our motor homes are Casco insured, whereby one must take the deductible into consideration. It is equal to the amount of the security deposit, which you must make when taking over the motor home (cash or card). The full deposit is kept, if the amount of damage exceeds the amount of the deposit. If the damage is less than 1.000,00 EUR, we keep the amount that covers the damage caused .

7. Trip Preparation

Before taking over the vehicle, some of you will have planned your trip in detail, while others will only have a general route set and will plan as you go, according to current inspiration. Either way, we advise you to, if you travel during high season, plan your route more thoroughly.
Think about what you will need on your trip. We advise to not exaggerate with the luggage. Instead of hard suitcases, pick soft travelling bags, which will be much easier to store.
Also check regulations, relating to parking and sleep in the motor home - these differ from country to country.

8. Equipment

Our motor homes all have a refrigerator, WC, bathroom, dinette, stove, kitchen sink. Some motor homes also have a large garage box, where you can store, e.g., a bicycle. They are also equipped with supports for 2-4 bicycles (depending on the motor home), air conditioning, awning. Upon vehicle rental, we also prepare the following:
 obligatory equipment (fire extinguisher, tyre change kit, spare wheel, triangle, first aid, reflective vest)
 external chairs and table
 1 full gas canister
 wheel clogs
 electrical cable with an adapter for a 220 V connection
 water hose, bucket and broom.
For additional payment we also offer the rental of bed linen, kitchen utensils, children's seats and other items from the list of non-obligatory additional fees.

9. On the Way

So you have chosen the motor home, booked it, took it over, started from our location and are enjoying the trip. It is understandable, that you have questions, what to do if a defect or accident happens, if you'll find a parking space, place to spend the night...
Do not worry - in your motor home, you will find a list of camp sites and motor home stopovers, a list of authorised services, instructions for use of the motor home. You will also have the contact of our agent in the documents of the vehicle, who will be happy to help you in case of trouble.

10. How to act in case of an unpleasant event, e.g. road accident, theft or break-in?

If any of the events mentioned above happen to you, call the police so that they can examine the location and write a report. Make sure to receive a copy of the police report and the record of the event, as well as contact information of any other potentially involved party. It is also wise to take photographs of the damage, whereby you reinforce your insurance claim. Of course you should inform us of the event and damage as soon as possible - we will help you with advice and instructions.


  • that all our motor homes are always in excellent condition;
  • that any defect can be immediately repaired, and with original spare parts;
  • that we can, if required, provide a replacement vehicle for our clients;
  • that Adria Holidays may ensure all its clients all the rights, pertaining to those, who purchase a travel agency's services;
  • that clients who already cooperated with us get a loyalty discount;
  • that we offer everything which we can offer you at competitive prices!
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