Romantic and hidden getaways


Premium and & luxury getaways

It does not matter what the main reason for your trip is: food, experience, culture, education, life style, adrenaline, fun. The only thing that counts is that you simply travel, gain lots of new experience, knowledge, soul, health, unforgettable moments, and a smile on your beautiful face.

Discover the pearl of the Alps


Home of the Alps, the Adriatic sea, the lowlands of Pannonia, Karst, vineyard hills, thousands of rivers, streams and waterfalls, a glacial lake with an island, and the caves of Karst. You can cycle, run, mountaineer, climb, row down rivers, parasail, dive off bridges, or enjoy a panoramic drive through Slovenia. Begin your day with sunrise on the highest peak of Triglav, swim in the Adriatic sea in the afternoon, jump into the underground caves of Karst, and finish with a dinner at sunset in Goriška Brda, with premium wine and select dishes.

A land of ancient times and thousands of islands


6000 km of Adriatic coast with over 1000 islands, islets and atolls, only 70 of them inhabited, while the entire area is protected as a natural and cultural heritage of the Mediterranean. The exploration continues in stone cities of the middle ages and villages, thousands of castles and manors, UNESCO protected natural beauties such as Plitvice, which are also one of the greatest attractions in Europe. One should not omit the capital, Zagreb, nor the Hollywood city of Dubrovnik either...

A land of beauty and the joy of life


The Italian "boot" with its diversity of landscape, climate, nature and culture, offers joys to the most demanding of tourist. Regardless of whether you're in the Alps or the south of hot Sicily - "Joie de Vivre" is a motto which dictates the rhythm of life. Enjoy nature, food, culture, fashion, in one of the 59 regions.

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