Culture, fashion, food and wine - La Vita e Bella!


Top attractions in Italy

From the high north, the home of the Alps, cold weather, glacial valleys and lakes, to the deep south, where the Mediterranean reigns. A land full of history, art, deeply rooted culture, and love of life. Culture, food, fashion and wine - Life is beautiful.

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Experience Italy

Cultural riches

Italy is the birth place of the western civilization, home to the largest number of UNESCO world heritage (51), and home of over a half of the great artistic treasures of the world.

A place for the greatest of gourmands

The Italian culture is, on one hand, very simple, and on the other, full of flavour. Ingredients and dishes differ from region to region. Cheese and wine are the principal parts of the cuisine, and the Italian life style spans across the country. Coffee, mainly espresso, has also become an important part of the Italian cuisine.

Fashion and Fun

Italy is the home of world famous fashion designers and brands - Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino, Versace, Gucci, Dolce & Gabana, Emilio Pucci, Laura Biagiotti, Roberto Cavalli, Brioni and Bottega Veneta. The Italian style is justifiably celebrated as unique among the competition with its characteristic elegance, excellent designs, prime materials, and creativity and innovation without comparison.

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