A pearl of natural wonders and sights to see


Top attractions in Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country with a beautiful nature, excellent food and wine, and kind people all around. In the morning, climb the highest mountain (2864 m), in the afternoon swim in one of the natural lakes or take a trip to the seaside, and in the evening, at sunset, enjoy an excellent dinner with excellent wine with your nearest and dearest.

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Experience Slovenia

Feel the Nature

Alps, the Mediterranean, Karst, the lowlands of Pannonia, hills, sea, rivers, lakes, caves and four seasons of the year - what more could a person want?

Touch the Heritage

Heritage of cities and medieval town squares, local crafts and high art, city and countryside architecture, simple farmer's dishes and modern cuisine - a symbiosis of the rural and the urban.

Enjoy local Flavours

In Slovenia, love passes through the stomach. 24 culinary lands and 3 wine lands, simple, home-made farmer's dishes in village inns, or modern culinary pleasures in the most distinguished restaurants - the flavours of Slovenia are the flavours of diversity.

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