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Adria motorhome is only waiting for you now, we took care of everything else - full equipment and a full tank are waiting for you, as well as hints for the discovery of the most beautiful corners of the world on our blog. Rent your favourite and most suitable motor home model from Adria Holidays, regardless of the season, as the motor homes are equipped  for all seasons. Only take over the keys, and an adventurous exploration on 4 wheels can begin! And so that you are entirely carefree, a service network has been set up throughout Europe. Every motor home is maintained at top level and contains a whole range of accessories, which increase comfort and peace of mind. Rent and travel with Adria Holidays.



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Rent and travel with Adria Holidays


Quality and satisfaction matters

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Fly and drive

We are close. We can pick up your airplane flight from over 20 airports near our base in Slovenia.

Airport pickup

We arrange a pickup from the airport to our base and back

Airport adventures

Self-guided tours of top attractions in the region

Close to Attractions

Dozens of famous destinations

Top Condition

All vehicles are inspected before your pick up

Travel with motorhome and

Explore beautiful Slovenia


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