Taking a Baby to the Seaside

Even in hot summer days, our caravanning holidays can be pleasant and comfortable. Air conditioner in the front and lodging section of the camper van is helpful. In order to make the best use of it in favour of your holiday, it is important that we pay attention to its use.

Preparing for the trip

Impatient travellers are known to sit in a hot camper van in which eggs could be fried on the armature while driving. However, if we want to maintain optimal operation of the air conditioner, we must dedicate time to previous cooling of the vehicle. Before starting the journey, ventilate your homes on wheels, and while waiting, check that all drawers and cupboards are closed in order to avoid any possible surprises while driving.

Before using the air conditioner, check that all windows and luggage compartment are closed. Internal air circulation, without the hot outside air intrusion, will allow economical operation.

Shade is not only beneficial to our four-legged friends and us but it also has a positive impact on a camper van. When looking for a parking place, pay attention to parking in the shade, as this will reduce the evaporation of odours from inside the vehicle. Also, time will be saved when the temperature is lowered by the operation of the air conditioner.

Health care

In closed and heated spaces, such as camper vans, we want a quick cooling, as we have the option of setting any desired temperature on the air conditioner. In doing so, we can harm our health, health of other passengers and functioning of the air conditioner. It should be noted that no more than 7 degrees Celsius lower than outside temperature is selected. This avoids a transient shock that can develop colds and similar illnesses in us. We try to keep the optimal temperature range of the air conditioner between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius.

Pleasant wind in our hair that we were searching for through open windows before the era of air conditioner, we sometimes try to replace with the ‘wind’ from fans, which we turn towards ourselves. In order to maintain good health, it is important that we try to direct the ventilation nozzles away from passengers. Nothing is more uncomfortable than catching a cold inside your house on wheels even instead of enjoying our holidays.

Lifespan of an air conditioner

In addition to cooling (or heating), the air conditioner also filters the air. It is therefore crucial that it is regularly maintained and serviced. It has to be checked every two years, if on the road for more than 30.000 kilometres a year. Due to air filtration, the air conditioner is disinfected at the service station.

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