Taking a Baby to the Seaside

Do you know that feeling of victorious weariness which awakens the wish for pleasant refreshment? When You cycle to the top of the challenge and wish for time to stop while you gather new strengths for the next step? The feeling of spoiling one's senses - calmly and slowly. 

Where to Ride?

Selecting the appropriate place for rest can be quite the challenge. There are too many people at summer vacations, at home we cannot switch off technologies. Time for family and time for ourselves simultaneously is an ideal combination. And if we transfer this into a pleasant environment, where it smells of the sea, our taste buds get spoiled, and nature is the only eye candy, we know, that we chose something for ourselves. Camping holidays in mobile houses are available as early as around the first of May. Luxury equipment ensures comfort, while we can devote our time to making our wishes come true. The surroundings of the mobile house offer the privacy we need to enjoy our holidays peacefully and spend time with our family.

Out Into Nature

Seaside places in the pre-season time are a step ahead from everything else. Sea in its freshness invites the brave, awakening of the camps provides premier enjoyment of the offer, and the serenity in the air enables us to gather energy for what we truly love to do. Surrounded with our nearest and dearest, we can select cycling along the sea, hikes in nature, climbs onto nearby peaks or card games, board games, reading books. The nature around us gives us many possibilities.

The Most Precious Treasures

Our youngest will wave to their new camping friends from the bike, friends, with whom they will run around carefree, share seaside treasures and first ice creams. From the terraces of the mobile houses, we have a better view of the children's play and a greater sense of security due to lesser crowds. Seaside air will also blow onto the health and chase away potential winter cold, which have stayed far too long. Thus, cycling along the seaside routes of the camp with a little rascal behind us (or in front) will be a true family adventure.

Be Rested

The holidays around the first of May are a preparation for the summer holiday. And if we give ourselves a chance to regenerate with cycling or running adventures (as early as) in the month of May, we will enter the summer with new adrenaline wishes and not only a desire to lay on the beach. Family time will thus be even more pleasant, full of ideas and challenges.

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